The Rise Of The Gamma In “Geek” Culture.

One of the reasons that Masculine Geek exists is because there is a perception that certain hobbies, interests or studies considered “geeky” are also regarded as unmasculine. However, when one examines history, we find that these were often the passions of famous, powerful and unquestionably manly men. So when and how did the disconnect occur? […]

Star Wars, Star Trek & Ghostbusters Geekery

For all the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Ghostbusters fans here. I want to share this cool website with you. It’s called ANOVOS Productions, LLC. They create outstanding replicas such as Storm Trooper helmets & armor kits, Darth Vader’s cape, blaster kits, and GhostBuster proton packs. The detail of the replicas and kits is outstanding. […]