Why the Subversion of Chivalry Matters

Why the Subversion of Chivalry Matters

NOTE: TJ & Vincent will be discussing chivalry further in a podcast this upcoming Saturday (3/14) for our Patreons – accessible at all tiers –https://www.patreon.com/masculinegeek Everything most Westerners know about chivalry is wrong. This profound misconception exists even though people have varying notions of what chivalry is or what it means to be chivalrous – […]

Why Your Online Discussions Go Nowhere

Why Your Online Discussions Go Nowhere

“This bickering is pointless!” – Grand Moff Tarkin In the early days of social media, I loved online discussions on people’s blogs and on other platforms. Although I still do online interactions, I rarely if ever engage someone in a dispute. I also avoid poking the hornet’s nest on Twitter or arguing with someone on […]

To Be (Or Not Be) Yourself

In addition to reconciling seemingly incompatible concepts, a major struggle of any masculine geek will be determining who or what ultimately dictates his identity and actions – and to what end. Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male refers to this in psychological terms as the “mental point of origin.” In layman’s terms, it comes down […]

Why Masculine Men Hide Their Geekiness

It’s been almost a year since Masculine Geek hosted its first live stream. Since then, there’s been several revelations worth noting. One is that there is a strong desire and lack of options for masculine men to gather and discuss geek stuff. However, there is another appeal to our show that I didn’t quite expect. […]

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Over the years there’s been a strong interest and fascination with the “zombie apocalypse” genre. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent with buddies playing Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies. Even though you’re doomed from the start, it never gets old for me. There’s plenty of reasons why people love the subculture, which […]

Your Band of Brothers Must Go Offline

One of the things you have probably noticed watching social media is how quickly movements or groups that publicize their existence there are altered, changed or destroyed. It’s why if you’re trying to gather a group of fellow adventurers and masculine geeks, you need to understand why this phenomenon occurs, and how to prevent it […]