Masculine Geek and Classical Music, Part 6: Periods and Key Figures. The 20th Century (1910-2000)

We now come to the final period in this cursory history.  If you thought that the 19th century was interesting (not to mention innovative), buckle your seatbelts. I mentioned in my last post that the 19th century faced some important trends that upended the older structures and forms not only of society, but also the […]

Why the Subversion of Chivalry Matters

Why the Subversion of Chivalry Matters

NOTE: TJ & Vincent will be discussing chivalry further in a podcast this upcoming Saturday (3/14) for our Patreons – accessible at all tiers – Everything most Westerners know about chivalry is wrong. This profound misconception exists even though people have varying notions of what chivalry is or what it means to be chivalrous – […]

The Masculine Geek and Classical Music, Part 2: Form-ation

In my first post, I briefly mentioned that forms are important to classical music.  Not only so that you won’t look like a doofus by referring to every piece as a “song,” but, as you go down the path of becoming literate in classical music, you can identify what is what and why that particular […]

Why Your Online Discussions Go Nowhere

Why Your Online Discussions Go Nowhere

“This bickering is pointless!” – Grand Moff Tarkin In the early days of social media, I loved online discussions on people’s blogs and on other platforms. Although I still do online interactions, I rarely if ever engage someone in a dispute. I also avoid poking the hornet’s nest on Twitter or arguing with someone on […]

To Be (Or Not Be) Yourself

In addition to reconciling seemingly incompatible concepts, a major struggle of any masculine geek will be determining who or what ultimately dictates his identity and actions – and to what end. Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male refers to this in psychological terms as the “mental point of origin.” In layman’s terms, it comes down […]

Why Masculine Men Hide Their Geekiness

It’s been almost a year since Masculine Geek hosted its first live stream. Since then, there’s been several revelations worth noting. One is that there is a strong desire and lack of options for masculine men to gather and discuss geek stuff. However, there is another appeal to our show that I didn’t quite expect. […]