Rocky Patel Edge Candela Toro

I like this cigar.

The Rocky Patel Edge Candela is a smooth, creamy smoke.

This is the company’s first cigar adventure with the Candela wrapper. The leaves are harvested before they have had a chance to ‘mature’ and then are dried quickly, thus holding down the color of the plant’s chlorophyll content.

6 x 52 Honduran wrapper. This wrapper has a lily pad green color which is what caught my eye. I first picked one up as I was purchasing a bottle of red wine at my local liquor store. They have a good six tier/shelf humidor there.

Although I forgot to note the price (both times), I do believe this candela cigar was $8.99. Fairly average and I would venture to say worth it for you to try.

It is branded as a medium bodied cigar and I would have to agree.

Cigar-Rocky-Patel-Edge-CandelaI tested this cigar out twice now and it is consistent. Good burn line and decent ash. My pre-light draw was one of wood and dry grass or hay. After toasting the filler and taking a few puffs I could taste what seemed to be some spicy notes.

It has a slow burn overall and an easy draw. The first time around, I followed up my chicken tikka masala and glass of red wine up with this tasty cigar. Total smoke time was almost an hour. I was also sitting on the balcony reading and writing at the time and as such, the cigar took a bit longer to smoke. I have a tendency to smoke slower when I am engaged thus.

The next time around this cigar came with me on my evening walk and I had a similar smoking experience with it. It paired well with my dry, red wine, and so it did with my long, contemplative walk.

Definitely worth it.


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