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So, I guess it’s been a while since I’ve visited these shores and for that I make no apologies. Life, along with all of the various projects I’m working on keep me busy and as I am not a very prolific writer posting here tends to take a back seat. As the French would say, C’est La Guerre.

Working out over the last few months has been difficult at best. I think my gym has been closed and reopened at least three times since Covid started. Each time they reopen I go, knowing that it’ll only be a matter of time before they close again. The specter of yet another closing hangs over everything like Damocles Sword. Since I work out at an independent gym I don’t have a contract. Good for me bad for the owner but I’ve been paying him even when the gym is closed.

Some of you may be raising an eyebrow right about now. Why pay gym dues if you can’t go and don’t have a contract? It’s really pretty simple, as I said it’s an independent gym not part of some huge chain so this is the owner’s livelihood. Beside the fact that I’ve already budgeted for the gym anyway. He’s a small business owner and I’m doing my part to make sure he can pay his bills and stay open which in turn helps me by keeping the gym open. Well……partially open.

Now all of this time I could have been working out at home and I did consider it, however briefly, but as I stated in a previous post I really don’t like the gym. That coupled with an inherent laziness made home workouts nothing more than a pipe dream.

Wait, laziness…..aren’t we talking about working out? Yep we sure are and the biggest struggle is not the weights or time, it’s overcoming that “laziness” or inertia that stands in your way. It’s a constant struggle. Some days are easier than others for sure but other days you really have to dig deep to make any forward progress on whatever it is you’re doing and that never really goes away.

Alright then, what’s to be done? I can’t really tell you because you need to figure out what works for you. How do you get motivated? What is it that gets you moving towards your goals? For me…..I just keep pushing, mostly out of spite. If it’s going to get done I’ve got to do it, there isn’t anyone else. Sometimes it sucks and sometimes you have to give yourself the middle finger and say, “Fuck you asshole get out there and handle your shit!”

So with that being said I’m off to the gym.

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