Masculine Geek #100 – End of Year Drunken Disorderly

Want to join as a guest for a bit on our 100th Wednesday MG Broadcast, one of, ONE of, the best shows on the internet?

December 30th, the last Wednesday of 2020. The usual 9 PM EST start time.

Excellent! But first, you need to do ALL of the following…

  1. Follow all of us on Twatter – @masculinegeek1 @robsays__ (that’s TWO underscores) and @ashofceativity
  2. Follow the MG YouTube Channel –
  3. And last, but NOT least, sign up for our Monday AM newsletter –

Then, go here and prove it –

Also, if you sperg the fuck out I will remove and block yer dumb ass.

Nothing personal, you see. Myea.

Ps. members get first priority.


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