The Everyday MG’s Commandments

I began these a few years ago for another project that work quite well for Masculine Geek.

One : Thou Shalt Dress Appropriately (V)

The Everyday MG (EMG) keeps up his appearance. He chooses clothing that matches his age and that fits his body. He does not wear baggy clothing to hide his impressive physique. He is proud of his body and is comfortable with dressing sharply. The Everyday MG knows that his outer reality is a reflection of his inner reality and vice-versa. They complement and feed off of one another. He dresses well to feel great and he feels great because he dresses well.

Two : Thou Shalt Not Get Fat & Lazy (V)

The Everyday MG exercises and lifts weights. He picks up heavy stuff and puts it down. He takes pride in his body and keeps it moving in strenuous fashion every day. He knows that both health and vanity are important. They keep him strong and confident. Confident that he has what it takes to get the job done. He slowly transforms his body into a rock.

Three : Thou Shalt Not Gossip & Complain (V)

The EMG keeps his mouth shut. He keeps his emotions and speech in check.I myself have learned the hard way. A seemingly innocuous comment or statement made to someone in a general, passing conversation, can be twisted and used against you. The EMG knows to guard his speech well. He listens and responds appropriately and with as much wisdom as he has experience to back it up with. He shoulders his setbacks AND his fortunes with equal quiet dignity. Additionally, this will also lend you an air of mystery that women are attracted to and other Men respect.

Four : Thou Shalt Remain Curious (V)

The true EMG is a student of life. He is a solid, masculine man, yet he retains his wonder for the world and a healthy curiosity with both it and the people he meets. Stay curious, gentlemen, particularly with women. In fact, that is the perfect way to never lose the conversation when with a woman. Stay in the moment and be curious about her. Don’t fake it. If you desire her and genuinely enjoy, stay curious about her. You’ll never be at a loss for words.

Five : Thou Shalt Use Thy Time Wisely (V)

As a Roshi (Zen Buddhist leader/monk) once said to me – “Do not squander your life.” Be aware of your time and who and what you give it to. I can not stress this enough. Time is the only real commodity humans have and it is woefully limited. Spend it wisely on people that deserve it. Obligated attention is draining and a time sink.

Six: Thou Shalt Make More Statements (V)

Statements? Yes, statements. In other words, stop asking permission for what you want. It’s perceived as weak and it’s childish. Be decisive. Lead. Don’t be crass, be audacious. Here is an example.

“Um, what do you want to do tonight, dear? Shall we…?”

Stop this. You might think you’re being “nice” and “polite”. You’re not. It’s weak, repulsive, and is anti-attractive to women. Do this instead:

“We’re going out to eat tonight at foundmyballs restaurant. I’ll pick you up at 8PM. Afterward we may stop off for a drink, we’ll discuss that after-dinner adventure over our wine.”

See? Bold, confident and a little audacious. This is what it means to be an Everyday Masculine Geek.

Seven: Thou Shalt Not Apologize (TJ)

From time to time, people will find your geek habits odd. They will question whether you’re “really” a man. Don’t apologize, and certainly don’t explain. If nothing else, this conveys strength and self-confidence. You don’t need their approval to pursue hobbies that bring meaning and happiness to your life.

Eight: Thou Shalt Be Authentic (TJ)

A masculine geek must be sincere in who and what he is. Discretion is sometimes the better part of valor, but pretending to be someone you are not, or pretending you aren’t who you are, is not shrewdness. It’s rooted in fear. You must avoid this at all cost. Do not chase after things because others do. Likewise, don’t avoid something at the risk of judgment from peers or friends. The moment you pretend to be someone you aren’t for them, you deceive yourself.

Nine : Thou Shalt Surround Thyself with other MGs (V)

Meeting up and surrounding yourself with men of the same mindset and values is important. The internet is nice and convenient, but you NEED to get out from behind your keyboard and LIVE. Surround yourself with like minded men that have your back, support you, and call you out on your bullshit.

Ten : Thou Shalt Have Fun & Enjoy Life on Your Own Terms (V)

Stop taking yourself so seriously. As Henry David Thoreau stated, and I am paraphrasing, “suck the marrow out of life.” One life. One chance. Make it count. Live the life YOU want. Let everything follow after you. Let everything else complement your life. Hobbies, interests, women, friends. ALL of it.

Eleven : Thou Shalt Let Others Burn (R)

Stop trying to be a Captain Save A Ho. Stop trying to save others. No one is coming to save you except yourself. Let others make their own mistakes. Do not give unsolicited advice.

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