We’ve had a good run of Spring over here on the East Coast. Temperatures in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s with very low humidity.

Perfect weather.

Now, it’s starting to slide into hotter and more humid temps.

Time for me to sweat like a filthy animal over here. It’s what I do in the Summertime – sweat.

It’s like a hobby.

In addition to hyper-sweating, I am also a nervous sweater as well.

In middle and high school I had social anxiety. Crowds made me nervous and uncomfortable. I walked around feeling ‘on-stage’, as if everyone was looking at me. I could feel their eyes on me.

I would start to sweat. My armpits would be soaked.

In reality, few, if any, cared. Nonetheless, I felt awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin.

Of course, the embarrassment and self consciousness of having dark sweat stains under my arms only added to my self-consciousness and poor confidence.

It became a cycle.

I would try to combat this sweating by wearing an extra shirt. That would not work too well. The sweat soaked through both of them eventually.

I took to wearing oversize dark shirts in an attempt to hide the sweat. I figured a tighter shirt would soak up quicker as it was closer to my skin. This was incorrect. The larger, baggier shirts only served to make me look like a shlub who had no idea how to dress himself.

Nothing worked.

Over time, I learned to live with it and go about my life. I learned to not care as much, and to focus and concentrate on breathing properly.

I am not special. I suspect I am not the only man to suffer from this.

Hell, even if you’re not a nervous sweater just moving about in a hot, humid climate will wreak havoc on your armpits.

What to do?

I found a solution that I wish was around when I was younger.

Enter, The Thompson Tee.

This shirt is nothing short of amazing:

  1. Form-fitting men’s sweat proof undershirt
  2. Ultra-soft, lightweight material: Contains 95% premium rayon from bamboo and 5% spandex
  3. Blocks sweat and odor from reaching your outer shirt
  4. Stays tucked in: Made with extra length for the perfect tuck
  5. Machine washer and dryer safe
  6. Tagless lay-flat collar for added comfort
  7. Integrated anti-sweat design provides a sleek, stylish and consistent look and feel
  8. 100% made in the U.S.A.
  9. Sweat Proof Guarantee: We guarantee armpit sweat will not penetrate the underarm barrier — or your money back!

I will wear them when it is insanely hot, or I have to speak in front of a large crowd of people – Large crowds, with all their eyes on me, still, to this day, make me sweat a bit.

Thus, whenever I am in need, I throw on a Thompson Tee under my dress shirt and I am rolling.

And they work. Boy, do they work, perfectly. Absolutely NO underarm stains.

They even look good to wear as an everyday shirt. I wander about with a black v-neck, nice fitting jeans, and a pair of Chelsea boots. Sometimes, I’ll add my navy-blue linen sport coat and a pocket square. Simple, classic style.

They come in grey, black, white, and beige. They are available for Men and Women.

Check them out here –

I reached out to them a few weeks ago. I thanked them for their marvelous, magical product and inquired as to discounts for MG readers.

And guess what? They gave us a discount code for you to use.

Use MGTee for 15% Off!

We want to share this outstanding product with our readers. Hell, like I said, being out in the heat and humidity will make you sweat normally. These shirts are perfect for that, too.

Go grab some!

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