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For all the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Ghostbusters fans here.

I want to share this cool website with you.

It’s called ANOVOS Productions, LLC.

They create outstanding replicas such as Storm Trooper helmets & armor kits, Darth Vader’s cape, blaster kits, and GhostBuster proton packs.

The detail of the replicas and kits is outstanding.

Check out the Proton Packs

This could be fun, right?

There are official groups that you can join such as the 501st – Vader’s Fist.

They do both public and charity events.


Regrets And Opportunities

I have to start with a couple of stories before I get to my point. I would imagine that by the time I get to my point, you, Dear Reader, will have gotten the point. Let’s get going shall we?

Back in 2004 I met a woman online. This was before “swipe apps” and dating sites were really just starting to become a thing. If my memory serves me correctly, I met this woman on MySpace.

She and I begin a dialogue, which turns to checking out each others pictures, which turns into both of us sending each other more recent pictures, which turns into flirty texting, which turns into phone calls, which turns into Skype calls, which turns into both of us deciding to meet in Vegas for a weekend getaway.

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