Your Band of Brothers Must Go Offline

One of the things you have probably noticed watching social media is how quickly movements or groups that publicize their existence there are altered, changed or destroyed. It’s why if you’re trying to gather a group of fellow adventurers and masculine geeks, you need to understand why this phenomenon occurs, and how to prevent it from happening to you.

Inclusivity is a modern secular god. It demands everyone and anyone must be included into any space. You see worship of this god everywhere. See every single corporate mission statement or an organization’s “about us” page. The god must be appeased.

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Authenticity Is the Future Coin Of The Realm

Our good pal and occasional cohost of Masculine Geek Aaron Clarey wrote an essay titled “Sanity is the New Wealth” that is now behind a paywall.

His argument: being sane and acknowledging reality will give a person the same benefits as traditional wealth does.

Recently I’ve come to realize that a similar truth can be said about authenticity. Not too long ago I watched the 2018 film Ready Player One that takes place in 2045. The movie is an homage to the 1970s/80s, but it does briefly touch on an issue that modern people already grapple with. The protagonist is a young man who spends much of his time in an online world known as the Oasis and has fallen in love with a cute girl possessing that mixture of flirtation and spunk commonly lacking today.

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