Masculine Geek Dungeons & Dragons

Fundamentally, all Men are Geeks. Stop denying it, fuckers. Some of us are tabletop role-playing game geeks. Join us for some non-SJW, non-woke/non-pc bullshit, old school Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. At least once per month, sometimes twice, we get together with Dungeon Master Rollo Tomassi for some dice slinging in the World of Dungeons & […]

MG Village-by-the-Lake FREE Airfare and How I Made That Happen

There seems to be a lot of talk lately about Minimalism. I have my own thoughts and techniques to add to the discussion. Money and Credit Cards. From a minimalism standpoint, making them work FOR you. This works outside the realm of minimalism, too. Fact of business, it will just make good fiduciary sense. And, […]

Ulysses S. Grant, Keep the Wine Flowing, Not Me, Man, Fuck That

Every once in awhile I like to share, as an MG post, one of our newsletter articles (which you miss if you’re not signed up). This is one of mine from last week. Enjoy! Tuesday afternoon, 3 PM EST, post tropical storm. The winds are still whipping and tossing the treetops into a ferver, but […]