Masculine Geek Dungeons & Dragons

Fundamentally, all Men are Geeks. Stop denying it, fuckers. Some of us are tabletop role-playing game geeks. Join us for some non-SJW, non-woke/non-pc bullshit, old school Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. At least once per month, sometimes twice, we get together with Dungeon Master Rollo Tomassi for some dice slinging in the World of Dungeons & […]

The Fine Art of Being a Dungeon Master – By The Seat of my Pants

A post I wrote for Legends of Tabletop a few years back… It was a cold, late afternoon day in the Autumn of 1983 as I sat in the back of my parents white 1980 Chevy Malibu attempting to contain my rising excitement as my mother and brother and I left the Moorestown BEST catalog […]