MG Consulting

Masculine Geek Consulting.

We’re no gurus, we’re not licensed psychologists. We’re three men with life experience. We’ve fucked up a bit, but we’ve triumphed too. We bring our own unique perspectives to the table. What to try and what not to do – all for one glorious hour.

That’s right. You’ll get an hour’s worth of combined wisdom, experience, and knowledge from all three of us.

Live, either Skype or StreamYard. All private, all confidential.

No, you cannot book just one of us. No, we don’t do less than one hour.

One hour, all three of us.

Embrace it.

It ain’t cheap, either. One hour = $225.

Time is valuable and we only have so much to give.

Doing it this way weeds out the losers and pudwacks.